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150 years ago on Thanksgiving water flowed to a house in Portland for the first time - from WCSH 6

In this fascinating piece from WCSH 6 - we learn about the establishment of the Portland Water District and its unique connection to CMDN! "On Thanksgiving Day in 1869 a 3/4 galvanized service was attached to the water main and brought water from Sebago Lake to a house at 94 Danforth Street in Portland. That property today is the Catherine Morrill Day Nursery." To see the entire piece - click here.

"Lori Moses is Advancing Childcare in Maine" - from West End News

CMDN's own Lori Moses is highlighted in West End News: "Lori Moses is Advancing Childcare in Maine" by Cameron Autry Pillars of Portland is a monthly column celebrating local leaders and doers. This month we celebrate Lori Moses, executive director of Catherine Morrill Day Nursery. Continue reading...

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