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“Both my children attended CMDN and the experience we had was once in a lifetime. My children were always safe, well-nourished, emotionally supported and were provided an experience that has lasted with them a lifetime. CMDN provided the emotional and loving environment I wanted for my children.”


It’s hard to mention CMDN anywhere in the Greater Portland area and not hear, “Oh, I went there!” or “My child went there!” or something of that nature. The happy alumni stories tend to follow us wherever we go! We know those wonderful stories and testimonials are out there, but now we want to gather them in one place. If you have a story about your time or your child’s time at CMDN – we want to hear it:

  • What was your experience at Catherine Morrill Day Nursery?

  • Do you have any photographs that you could share?

  • How did Catherine Morrill Day Nursery influence or change you or your child’s life?


Please fill out the contact form below so we can get in touch. We promise to never sell or share your contact information.

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