“At CMDN, I know that my children are safe and have fun every day.
We are very happy with all of our experiences here at CMDN, it is a very active, caring & nurturing environment.”
“The staff are very caring and love their jobs and the children.”
“This program has been the most positive pre-school that my child has attended.”

“The balance between structure and free time and care for my child is wonderful!”

“The curriculum here is very good and my daughter has grown into an intelligent, curious child.”

“We love Catherine Morrill and are sad to be leaving.  Thank you for a wonderful, loving, nurturing 5+ years!!!”

“Thank you for a great overall experience.  My son is more than ready for kindergarten.  He loved the very creative activities and variety of culture and diversity CMDN offers.  You are all great listeners and offer a lot of love for the children.  Thank you for all your energy, effort and continuous mission.  Keep up your great work.  You are a special place.”

“Our family will miss CMDN and its staff very much.  I feel like our son received encouragement and guidance from everyone at CMDN.  His experience in the Purple Room has been instrumental in his mental and physical growth.”

“We loved Catherine Morrill–we wish there were more Catherine Morrills so all of our friends could experience this kind of environment with their kids.”

“We have enjoyed our time at Catherine Morrill!  The staff is attentive and kind and the Blue Room teachers have done some fun stuff in the classroom.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity for our child to attend.”

“Enjoyed this school very much!  Recommend this to everyone!  Thank you!”

“Thank you so much for the kindness you have shown to my daughter and the positive direction you have helped her take.  Your school really helped my daughter catch up and get on the right track.  Thank you again!”

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