CMDN3Each family is encouraged to schedule a tour of the Nursery prior to submitting any applications.

Registration Procedure

Upon the completion and submission of the application form, each registered family will be placed on a waiting list until an opening is available. There is a $25 non-refundable fee for the waiting list, which can be waived for economic hardship.  The waiting list is updated twice annually.  When there is an available opening, families will be notified and invited to visit the Nursery.  During the visit, prospective families are afforded the opportunity to observe other children in classroom settings, at meals and on the playground. Sufficient time is provided for each family to request additional information and ask questions.  The first day for the child follows the family visit.


Enrollment Procedure

The Nursery’s enrollment procedure includes a minimum of two-hour visit in a classroom by the child and at least one member of their family.  The best time for a visit is between 9:00-11:00am.  Other arrangements are available to accommodate families, if needed.  Additional visits may be scheduled as deemed necessary by parents until the child is secure, comfortable, and at home in the new setting. When the child becomes adjusted to the classroom, parents may leave to meet with the  Office Administrator  to complete forms regarding the child’s developmental history, immunizations, and eligibility to participate in the USDA Child and Adult Food Care Program. Families must also complete and sign various authorization and consent forms, a fee agreement and parent program policies outlining child care contract conditions. Once a family has decided to take a spot, a deposit in the amount of one week’s tuition is required in order to secure the spot.  A written notice, submitted two-weeks in advance, is required for termination of enrollment.

Family Involvement

The Nursery encourages family involvement. We believe that when school and home work together children are most successful.  Educational research clearly shows that when parents are actively engaged in their child’s development, children are likely to enjoy a higher degree of future success.  Family involvement is an integral part of their child’s learning.

We welcome and encourage families to:

  •  take advantage of daily communication with teachers and staff members
  • join our Parent Group
  • schedule conferences to discuss developmental assessments with their child’s “primary” teacher
  • volunteer to serve as a “room parent” for their child’s classroom
  • stop by on a break to nurse their baby or give them a bottle
  • call or visit any time
  • join their child for breakfast, lunch, or snack
  • avail themselves to organizing the lending library or center bulletin boards
  • share special skills or a hobby with the Nursery and the children
  • attend field trips and walks
  • participate in a survey which rates and comments on all aspects of the program
  • join us during the year for family festivals, potluck dinners, activities for children, and parenting seminars or workshops.

Termination Procedure

If a child endangers the safety or well being of him/herself or another child, or if a child is unreasonably disruptive within a group, the Executive Director may take immediate action to remedy the situation. Such action is within the discretion of the Executive Director and may include suspension of any child whose presence is a danger to the safety or well-being of any person.   Parental cooperation is imperative so that parents and the Nursery team can partner to help the child be successful at the Nursery.  Following a conference with parents and teacher(s) and the Executive Director’s and/or Program Coordinator’s recommendations may include:

  1. Parents on call to assist child in the program.
  2. Limit day to successful activity times.
  3. Immediate parent and/or staff support such as parent counseling or teacher training.
  4. Referrals for screening/evaluation through Child Development Services or for play therapy (with parental permission)

Readmission may be made contingent upon specific conditions. Failure to comply with conditions of suspension will be grounds for termination.  The Nursery will support families through any referral process.

Payment Policies

All child-care payments are due on Friday prior to the week of service.  Checks are made payable to Catherine Morrill Day Nursery.  There is a $25 annual registration fee.  Tuition is always paid ahead and may be paid weekly, monthly, or quarterly by cash, check, credit/debit card or through electronic transfer of funds. Families will receive a 5% discount on the older child’s tuition when two children of the same family are enrolled.  Discounts of 2% are available to families making payments monthly and quarterly respectively as long as it is received by the first of the month. In order to receive this discount, parents need to pay by cash, money order or Electronic Funds Transfer.  Credit or debit cards cannot be used to get the pre-pay discount.  Tuition is reviewed each year and becomes effective in September.  Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance.  To maintain a reserved space, tuition must be paid during the absence of a child due to illness, parent vacations, holidays or whatever reason.

Late Fees

Catherine Morrill Day Nursery closes promptly at 5:15 pm for infants/toddlers and 5:30 pm. It is important that parents pick up children at their scheduled time of departure. Late pick up causes distress for your child and is an inconvenience for our staff. Unforeseen delays do occur and if this happens please notify the Nursery and let us know that you will be detained. Parents picking up their child after 5:30pm will be given a notice.

After receiving one notice, a late fee will be assessed as follows:

  • For late pick-up between 5:30-5:35pm there will be a $5.00 fee
  • For pick-up after 5:35pm an additional late fee of $1.00 per minute, per child will be charged
  • Three episodes of late pick-up in any calendar month will result in immediate dismissal from the Nursery.
  • Pick-up time is defined as time leaving the building.
  • Parents charged a late fee must pay either by check of cash to be included with the next tuition payment.

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